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Friday, February 28, 2014

PTV 1000 and Widi Working in Windows 8.1

I recently purchased a Wireless Display Adapter, PTV 1000, from Amazon. I have a Dell Latitude 3330 laptop that comes with Intel Centrino N 6235 Wireless Card with WiDi. I chose PTV 1000 over PTV 3000 since my TV doesn't have HDMI input (pretty old model) and PTV1000 has both composite and HDMI output. My laptop came with Windows 8 but i free upgraded to Windows 8.1. Before purchasing I checked and made sure that the adapter works with Windows 8. Found that i may have to reinstall few things but that was okay with me. I had all the latest drivers installed for my Graphics Card, Wifi Card and used WiDi update tool to update my Widi version. I also had Virtualbox running in the system for my Ubuntu usage. Enough with the background.

As soon as I got the adapter I connected it to the TV and it displayed "Ready to Connect" . From the charms menu i selected Device->Project but there wasn't any option to add Wireless Display in that menu as explained here.

Then i tried suggestions from various forums and blogs given below. Before trying each suggestion i downloaded all software mentioned in those links so i will have everything required just in case if i get disconnected from Internet; I also had a copy of the latest drives from Dell so i can always install them back when required. Had also created a system restore image in an external HDD so i can recover from OS failures if i messed with anything as i explored this

Note that each Widi version I download is 200+MB and each Network driver version is 90+MB. I have downloaded atleast 5 different versions of WiDi (couldn't install some of them in Windows 8.1) and 6 different versions of Network driver (all of them worked and I was able to use Wifi but couldn't detect or connect to WiDi)

Below are the links i referred to:

As i made progress the first settings that worked for me was a combination of solution in link 1 and link 2 above. Uninstall Intel Graphics, Intel Proset Wireless (no Widi App since i was in Win 8.1). Note that since i wanted to do this fast i did not reboot after i uninstalled the existing versions. But WiDi did not work. So i uninstalled all of them, as suggested in the link,again, rebooted and then
1. installed Graphics Driver (Win64_15338) and rebooted
2. Installed Intel Pro Wireless (Wireless_15.3.1_s64) and rebooted
3. Installed WiDi (Setup3.0.13.0) downloaded from Netgear and Rebooted

After this i was able to connect to the PTV adapter using Widi Tool (Charms did not work yet). It asked for password and I could see my desktop. That is it! None of the windows i opened showed up in TV - i tried both mirrored display and extended display option. Even tried to Move one window from laptop to extended TV display but it did not show up either. TV display was kind of stuck showing the initial desktop alone - i could see mouse pointer moving

Now since i was sure that the adapter is in working condition I was happy to try other options. First uninstall all - graphics, Wireless and WiDi. Tried installing other versions of Widi after installing the drivers mentioned above, most of them detected the adapter and showed the desktop. No improvement. Then installed the versions suggested in this link and modified the registry as suggested. I thought after this I should be able to see the option to connect to Wireless devices from Charms but it never showed up. Found the solution for that here - we should disable all Virtual Adapters. Went to device Manager and disabled the Virtualbox's adapter and i could see the add wireless display option - however it couldn't detect the adapter :(

By now i had installed and re-installed multiple combinations desperately trying to get this work with my Windows 8.1 machine and the maximum i could get was to view the desktop in TV and hear sound from any Application i ran (tried with vlc) - mouse pointer was visible. I even tried upgrading the Adapter firmware but it didn't work either so did factory reset and reverted back to old version. 

Finally the only option i could think of was of trying the drivers and WiDi version supplied by Dell for Windows 8 which was shipped with my laptop.

So i downloaded the Widi App v for Windows 8 from Dell. Uninstall all running graphics, network and Widi. Rebooted the machine and cleanly installed the following:

1. installed Graphics Driver (Win64_15338) and rebooted
2. Installed Intel Pro Wireless (Wireless_16.7.0_e164) and rebooted
3. Intel_WiDi_4.0_PV_4.0.18.0_setup_ZPE and rebooted

I could connect to the Adapter and see the desktop. Tried playing a video and it worked! Hurrah! I was also able to setup the display to 1366x768 (maximum supported by my laptop) for both the displays

Below are the versions i am currently running on and everything works perfectly. Since my TV is old text is not clear but i can very well view movies along with sound in both the displays

Current versions Graphics, Network, Proset Wireless App v15.3.1.0, Widi

Hope this helps someone looking for a solution. From what i tried, for the WiDi to work correctly in Windows 8.1 with PTV1000 we must have Proset Wireless App (driver alone won't do), Latest Graphics driver is fine (but this should also be reinstalled everytime you install a newer Wireless Driver/App and a WiDi application compatible with the network driver you have installed. The version i downloaded from Dell was for my laptop model (Dell 3330) not sure if other laptop models have different versions